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The insurance industry actively markets their products to potential policy holders in order to underwrite more policies and generate more sales. These companies are constantly investing capital into a strategic planned effort to build brand loyalty that people trust and to drive new business opportunities.

Compared to other industries the insurance industry is highly constrained by some of the strictest regulatory and compliance regulations governing how they can market their insurance products. This severely limits their efforts to direct marketing, web based advertising and agency agreements to market for them.

There is a solution though and that is through the use of a ringless voicemail system. Just Deliver It (JDI) allows for directly delivering voicemail to mobile phones in a compliant manner. Our Innovative technology provides a cost effective, reliable solution for contacting prospective policy owners.

By using Just Deliver It (JDI) ringless voicemail system as a method of marketing, insurance companies has had a much higher contact and response rate from its prospective customers.

Why Advertise with Just Deliver it?

• Voicemail is considered an Enhanced Information Service by the FCC.
• TCPA outlines restrictions for contacting mobile phones, but excludes information services.
• Just Deliver It does not connect calls, instead it delivers the message directly to Voicemail.

What are the results?

• Maximize contact and response rates.
• Establish a steady flow of business.
• Messages generate inbound calls from interested parties.
• The majority of the responses come within hours, which provides control increase/decrease call flow as necessary.