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Debt Collections

Debt Collections

Debt collections and collection centers themselves are bound by regulation and are unable to contact mobile phones, which has a negative impact on the ability to reach debtors. With the use of a ringless voicemail system, collection centers can actively stay on top of debtors and increase their chance of success for debt collections.

Just Deliver It (JDI) offers a ringless voicemail system that allows for direct delivery to Voicemail to mobile phones in a compliant manner. This innovative technology provides a cost effective and reliable way for contacting debtors mobile devices, all while staying in compliance.

Using a ringless voicemail method avoids the constant hang ups or being identified as junk mail that can be typical with unwanted phone calls or generic mailers. This allows the consumer to address the communication without being interrupted by phone calls or confused with mailers that look like advertisements.

Why Collect With Just Deliver it?

• Voicemail is considered an Enhanced Information Service by the FCC.
• TCPA outlines restrictions for contacting mobile phones, but excludes information services.
• Just Deliver It (JDI) does not connect calls, instead it delivers the message directly to voicemail.

What’s The Results?

• Contact hard to reach debtors, thus enhancing opportunities for collection.
• Establish a flow of constant reminders and establish top of mind awareness to pay.
• Messages generate inbound calls from debtors looking to resolve the outstanding balance or make payment arrangements.
• The majority of the responses come within hours, which provides control increase/decrease call flow as necessary.